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Chinese Investors Snapping Up US Properties

By John Rota | June 3, 2016

The latest study by Asia Society and Rosen Consulting Group has revealed a mounting interest in US real estate from Chinese investors. Chinese nationals have accelerated their purchase of residential and commercial properties, pouring $93 billion in residential real estate and $17 billion in commercial real estate between 2010 and 2015. Having said that, foreign direct…

Seven Ways to Prepare Your Home for Showing

By John Rota | May 29, 2016

When you have less than an hour to spruce up your home for potential buyers, a couple of quick-fixes can make your interiors more presentable. Here’s a look at the top seven. Wipe down the furniture For a clean and tidy look, quickly wipe down your television screen and computer monitor. Also, dust the top of…

The Debate on Real Estate Tax for Foreign Owners

By John Rota | May 26, 2016

Foreign buyers are driving up home prices in Canada’s expensive residential markets. Trends indicate that luxury properties in Toronto and Vancouver are being snapped up quickly by buyers based out of the country. Chinese investors, in particular, seem to have set their sights on Canadian real estate. A report by the Canadian Imperial Bank of…

Calgary Home Prices Fall, Constructions in Northwest Calgary Rise

By John Rota | May 17, 2016

Though everything is looking rosy for the nation’s housing market, Calgary’s average sale prices seem to be going against the trend. According to latest figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average sale price in the country – at $508,097 – was 13 percent higher over the same period last year. The spike…

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