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Formosa Bistro

This week we are checking out Formosa Bistro the first Taiwanese food restaurant in Edmonton. The owner is Taiwanese. The chefs are Taiwanese. The soup has been boiled for 6 hours, the noodles are made locally, and we loved every bite!

Battistas Calzone Company

We couldn’t have been more excited to try the famous Battista Calzones this week! These homemade, made from scratch have been listed by Avenue Magazine as one of the top 25 things to eat in Edmonton. We loved how light the dough was, and all the flavor is perfectly sealed in when it is folded…

Browns Social House

This week we are visiting the Windermere location of Brown’s Social House to chat with Andrea, the general manager. What we like about this Canadian brand is that it focuses on creating ways for guests to connect. With large family-sized tables for brunch and cozy covered and heated patios, we can see why it is…

Art of Cake

This week we are checking out Art of Cake. Known in Edmonton for their amazing desserts, wedding cakes, and stunning location. We made sure to try a variety of options, as many don’t realize they are also open for lunch (we recommend the egg salad sandwich). You can pop in all day for a quick…

Apollo Donuts

 This week we check out Apollo Donuts! With no storefront, this local favourite can be found at several coffee shops in the city, and you can make orders for pick up. We sit down with Chief Donut maker, Josh and learn about his idea behind starting the business and how coffee kickstarted the idea.

Uncle Ed’s

 This week we are heading to Uncle Ed’s, where you can sit down and eat many of the amazing products made by Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage. Starting out as a pick-up point for customers living in Edmonton & area, Uncle Ed’s is now the go-to spot for when you need an authentic Ukranian meal.

Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage

 To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this Alberta loved business, we are doing a two-part episode. In part one we visit the Mundare factory. Stawnichy’s is a family-owned Ukrainian food company with a proud Alberta heritage and has operated in Mundare for more than half a century. Their speciality is their world famous sausage,…


 Join us this week as we switch things up and visit Herbologie, a local spice import business. Herbologie’s purpose is to provide their customers with a simple approach to the culinary and functional facets of spices and herbs. Aiming to educate and further the use of the socially responsible consumer to advocate for better…

Prairie Noodle Shop

 Prairie Noodle believes in bringing people together with great food and a welcoming atmosphere. Creating innovative flavours using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients that respect the origins of the cuisine. A unique brand of deliciousness that we in the Prairies can call our own. In this episode, we try The Mighty Sumo Bowl, which has…

Artistic Bake Shop

 This local bakery is family owned and operated since 1966. Known for baking from scratch recipes from various European countries, we fell in love with not only the amazing baked goods but the charm of the bakery and friendly owners and staff.

Sea Change Brewing

 Sea Change Brewing was founded by a group of local musicians led by Ian McIntosh, along with head brewer Taylor Falk, and is described as “an artist-friendly and run business.” Sea Change beer can currently be found on tap at select bars in Edmonton. The brewery and taproom/store not only is the perfect spot…

JACEK Chocolate Couture

 Join Nik as he visits the JACEK Chocolate Couture 104th street location. JACEK was created when founder, Jacqueline Jacek, couldn’t decide whether to become a fashion designer or a chocolatier, so she combined the two to create her dream job. Like fashion, JACEK launches seasonal collections to that are a treat to the eyes…